Night Watch Mentor (Female)
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Posted on Dec 1

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Location: Needville, TX
Job Type: Full Time
Job ID: W4147477

Female Night Watch Mentor:

Job Requirements:
  • Experience in working with adolescents/young adults preferred
  • Female
  • 21 or older
  • College courses and/or a degree in the social sciences is preferred but not mandatory
  • Clean driving record, background check, and drug screen required
  • Night watch mentors must be able to stay awake during their shift
  • Monthly team meetings and regular trainings are required
  • Basic computer skills needed
  • Starting wage: $11.00/hr
  • Work Schedule: 3 Shift per week - Mon-Sun 11 pm - 3:30 am OR 3:30 am - 8:00 am -Shifts Vary
Work Summary:
  • Providing safety and care for young adult women in a residential treatment center. The clients are 18-24 year old women with acute mental illness.
  • Night watch mentors are awake during their 4.5 hour shift
  • Night watch mentors have up to 3 shifts per week. The hours are either 11pm-3:30am OR 3:30am-8am.
  • Night watch mentors complete quiet checks on the clients every 30 minutes and create a safe atmosphere while the clients are asleep.
  • Night watch mentors are there to support clients who may be sick or have a hard time sleeping.
  • Night watch mentors are encouraged to bring quiet activities to do if all the clients are asleep- crafts, studying, crossword puzzles etc.
  • Night watch mentors must have clean driving records.
  • Night watch mentors complete basic charting on the computer after each shift
  • Night watch mentors complete basic chores and tasks that can be done quietly during the night time hours

If you are interested in learning more, please submit a resume at www.innerchange.com/careers

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