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Posted on Jan 5

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Location: Ft Bragg, NC
Job Type: Contract
Job ID: W4149440

  • Possess a current Advanced Practice Registered Nursing license in any state or the District of Columbia at all times.
  • Hold current certification from the Council on Certification/Re-certification of Nurse Anesthetists.
  • All contractor CRNAs shall have, and maintain, current certification on Basic Cardiac life Support and Advance Cardiac Life Support.  The contractor shall be responsible for obtaining and maintaining re-certification.
  • Have a minimum four years of clinical experience in the delivery of general and regional anesthesia for all ages of patients and all types of surgical procedures, including, but not limited to, major vascular, neuro-surgical, and thoracic procedures.
  • Facility with complex cases involving placement of invasive monitoring and management of vaso-active infusions, and administration of anesthesia outside the main operating room.
  • Have experience in the delivery of, and monitoring of, all types of anesthesia utilized in the delivery of obstetrical anesthesia (general endo-tracheal, sub-arachnoid block and epidural).
  • Within the past 12 months, full time obstetrical anesthesia CRNA must have documented experience of at least six months providing epidural anesthesia (labor epidurals) in support of obstetrical anesthesia with a delivery rate in excess of 200 births per month.
  • Anesthesia services shall be performed primarily in the area of obstetrical anesthesia, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year, to include weekends and federal holidays.  The remaining services shall be performed as necessary to provide anesthesia services in the operating room, or elsewhere as specified and scheduled.
  • Perform and document pre-anesthetic assessments, including request for and evaluation of consultations and diagnostic studies. Select, order, and/or administer pre-anesthetic medications and fluids. Counsel patients on anesthetic options and risks, and obtain informed consent for anesthesia.
  • Develop an anesthetic plan. Select and administer anesthesia for patients of all ages and ASA Physical Status categories undergoing all types of surgical procedures. Initiate and manage all types of anesthetic techniques, including general anesthesia, regional anesthesia, and sedation.
  • Select and administer anesthetic agents, adjuvant drugs, accessory drugs, and fluids necessary to manage the anesthetic, to maintain the patient's physiologic homeostasis, and to correct abnormal responses to the anesthesia or surgery.
  • Select, initiate and manage all types of non-invasive and invasive monitoring modalities, including arterial and central venous catheters. Collect, interpret, and appropriately act on data obtained from these monitors.
  • Manage a patient's airway and pulmonary function using endotracheal intubation, the latest modalities of mechanical ventilation, pharmacological support, and respiratory therapy techniques.
  • Manage emergence and recovery from anesthesia by selecting, ordering, and/or administering medications, fluids, and ventilatory support to maintain homeostasis, to provide relief from pain and anesthetic side effects, and to prevent or manage complications.
  • Discharge patients from the post-anesthesia recovery area. Provide post-anesthesia follow-up evaluation and care related to anesthesia side effects or complications.
  • Order, initiate or modify pain relief therapy, utilizing intravenous analgesia and/or regional anesthetic techniques.
  •  Scheduled work hours are 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year, to include weekends and federal holidays.  Total work hours shall not exceed 40 hours per week, unless mutually agreed upon by the contract employee and WAMC Chief, Anesthesia Nursing, in writing.  Shifts may range from 8 hours to 24 hours at the contractor's discretion with approval from the Chief, Anesthesia Nursing.
  • Womack Army Medical Center, Fort Bragg, NC.

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